Philippine Brain Skills Innovation Group Inc.

established in 2016, is an organization empowering the Filipino youths towards the center of excellence in science, research, and mathematics education. It has been conceived to offer tools and services for an expanding array of brain-related challenges like games, puzzles, and competition.


  • Facilitate networking and collaboration among young mathematicians;

  • Promote and disseminate research, development, and evaluative efforts in mathematics education;

  • Foster the growth of STEM field through competition and community outreach, targeting the underprivileged and underrepresented K-12 populations; and

  • Promote and encourage scholarly and productive exchanges among Filipino youths.


The Philippine Brain Power Society envisions a world wherein the strengths possessed by all young people are used to promote their positive development and self-actualization, civic engagement, and, as well to advance the institutions of civil society.


“In the service of education through servicing students.”